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Dec 01 2016

Missing You During the Holidays

Coping with loss, grief, and life changes during the Holidays

I think if I had one wish to make during the holiday season it would be to be surrounded by ALL of my family and friends. Among the festivities, I often imagine that even those loved ones in my life who have passed on somehow are still with me. This idea has been a source of comfort for me, and though it relies much on my own faith and belief, sometimes it can be hard to truly live in the spirit of this thought. For me as well as others, the blanket of grief or loss can sometimes cloud their holiday spirit, making it difficult to enjoy the season

Various changes and even some normal transitions can create negative feelings and force us to alter our traditions.  For example, once a person is married, now the sharing of holiday time among the families begins. Situations like this, while wonderful, lead to stress when not properly addressed or handled. Loss, change, and the break from familiarity can affect us more deeply during the holiday season, so how do we combat these sudden alterations?

Be Open to Happiness

When experiencing a sudden change or life-shift, especially the loss of a loved one, many people may feel guilty experiencing happiness when they feel they ought to be grieving.

Shift Your Mindset

Don’t let your happiness hinge on unrealistic expectations. Be open to adapting how you imagine your holidays to be to reflect more of what they are, without losing any of the joy or love along the way.

Be Patient

Be patient with yourself and others. Remember that people process grief differently. Take each day one at a time and don’t over-pressure yourself or compare yourself to others.

Do Something For Yourself

Do something you enjoy. Go for a nature walk, enjoy winter-related sports, or simply sip on a mug of hot chocolate. Find a season-related habit that makes you happy and adopt it into your regular routine.

Do Something For Others

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, help out at a children’s hospital, or donate gifts to the less fortunate. Take some time to help others, and you’ll be surprised how the shift in focus helps you enjoy the holidays!

Delight in Friends and Family

Surround yourself with your friends and family during your holiday season. Allow others to support you. Reconnect with old friends or make new ones! Nothing grows the holiday spirit quite like sharing it with others.

Enjoy Tradition

Take part in a holiday tradition, or create a new one to look forward to. Keeping up traditions invokes comfort and security, while giving each of us something to look forward to.

If you or someone you know may need support during the holiday season, call us at (908) 268-0724 to set up an appointment. 

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